About Cancer Awareness & Faith Wristband

October -- month of raise awareness of breast cancer, let’s design Breast cancer bracelet.The color to representative is Pink, and also representative to protect and love women.

Save the date – World Pancreatic Cancer Day – Nov. 21, 2019! November is an exciting time of year for communities around the globe raising awareness for pancreatic cancer, put on the Pancreatic Cancer wristband to celebrating survivors and honoring loved ones.

Awareness wristband aim to make people remember an important goal or purpose, At the other way, Support your family or friend to go through the sickness and predicament, It’s a nice way that to customized an awareness wristband to support them.

There are many side of awareness wristband to use in life. For example, Cancer Awareness,Suicide Awareness,Anti Bullying, Faith encourage , etc.Silicone wristbands are perfect for raising awareness, marketing and advertising, and fund-raising.

Color & Calender of cancer awareness wristband: